I deeply enjoy the spare moments alone, without using them to come to a conclusion. I come home from long hot bike rides with the satisfaction of a happily spent hour, because I was completely alone with myself. My route takes me along the old road to the neighboring village, Neuenfelde (New fields), a road long forgotten since the new one was built, where the sun catches in the wheels and the summer air is thick and hot, and where shadows from the past do not mind the light. It ends at the dike in Neuenfelde and turns into a small path, overgrown and bumpy. But up there, on the crown of the dike, with its height of about four meters, you can see so far over the flat land, which spreads out in the late-afternoon light, that my heart fills with love for this country, which is so low, so flat, so even, that no one who was not born here can bear the weight of the sky above. Weiterlesen